What Is Leathered Stone?

So, you know about polished stone — that high-gloss finish you can practically see your own reflection in. And we’ve talked about the honed finish, which is matte and silky-smooth. But, you may have heard mention of leathered stone while going through your favorite home design websites, or maybe you’ve even seen it when looking

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Is A Stone Sink Right For You?

You may have seen elegantly carved natural stone sinks in high-end design magazines or websites. The elegant, organic edges and color variations in natural stone are certainly stunning, though the reality is these kinds of sinks are more form and less function. Natural stone is a difficult material to use for sinks because most varieties

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What is Veining?

Veining, or the long, meandering lines of color that traverse natural stone, is one of the most desirable characteristics people look for in natural stone because of the elegant yet organic look it gives. In geological terms, veins are sheets of crystallized minerals within a rock. These minerals are usually deposited by water, which then

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Should You Hone Your Stone?

Not enough people spend time thinking about how much (or how little) sheen they want on their stone until it’s installed. We get it, it’s easy to get wrapped up in looking at color and veining that you forget about everything else! However, this aspect has a huge effect on how the stone actually looks

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