March 2016

What Is Marble?

Beloved by emperors and artisans alike, marble has been one of the most beautiful and sought-after stones for centuries. Whether it’s as pure white as snow or streaked with dramatic, colorful veins, each piece of marble is a unique and stunning work of art and, when used in the home, adds an undeniable touch of […]

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A Brief History Of Mosaics

Mosaics — flat, colored tiles of glass, stone or ceramic arranged to create intricate scenes of people, places, animals, and designs — is one of the oldest forms of art in the world. Although mosaics can be found in many countries and were developed in many different ancient civilizations, mosaics were most prominent in the

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5 Unique Ways To Use Stones Outside

Now that the temperature is warming up we’re heading full-steam into spring, how is your yard looking? A great way to spruce things up after winter’s wrath is by doing a little hardscaping or adding stone accents to enhance your front and back yard. However, you can forget about adding Belgian block around the driveway

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