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The cabinet process can be a bit more involved than other elements in the remodeling of a space. Are you going to keep the same layout or are you interested in making some changes? In the kitchen area, can you eliminate a soffit, or does it need to stay?  In a bathroom, can you move the toilet or shower? A good cabinet designer will work with your dimensions to avoid complications that can easily be overlooked by someone without knowledge or experience. There are many elements that go into cabinet design to create a room that is as visually appealing as it is functional.  Any inspiration for your design concept as well as pictures of the existing space is always a good idea to have handy during the design meetings.

We offer an initial design consultation in our showroom.  Our cabinet designer will introduce you to the different cabinet lines that we represent.  We have options ranging from stock cabinets that offer a quick turnaround time, semi-custom cabinets that offer custom paint options to all custom cabinets.

Once you have chosen a cabinet style we can then begin design process. You can choose to move forward providing your own measurements, or you can pay a measurement fee which will be applied to your purchase.

If you will be providing your own measurements, we would need to be provided with a sketch that includes the following:  Overall length of the walls, location of windows (outside to outside of trim), location of doorways or openings, sink centerline, location of any vents or obstacles that affect the space, and ceiling height. A list of appliances whether new or existing, along with their measurements is also a necessary component to have with you during the cabinet design consult in order to complete the design accurately.


When preparing for your appointment with our one of our team members, there are a few things you can do that would make the process smooth and accurate.

*Bring measurements - Simply measure the run of the back wall of countertops and the length and width of the island. Some people like to make a sketch with the dimensions. This step will allow for the most accurate pricing possible.

*Bring pictures - Both existing project and inspiration will help us best understand what you are looking for and working with. This will make stone selection much easier. Our inhouse designers will help guide you into choosing the best coordinating options for the look you are trying to achieve.

*Bring any samples - If you are basing your design around new or existing elements bring this with you. Seeing the materials against the stone will make the decision process easier. This can include cabinets door, floor tile, backsplash tile, even paint sample. The more the better.


When preparing for your template, it is important that someone be at the home at the time of template who will be able to answer questions, make decisions, and sign off on paperwork. Final decisions on overhang, edge style and radius, sink choice, backsplash, stone support, etc. will be discussed and confirmed at this time. Please have all of the countertops cleared from all items and appliances so our crews are able to create a template. If you are purchasing any new appliances (slide in range, sink, cooktop, dishwasher etc.), please also make sure that those are in place or available at the time of template. Farm sinks will need to be installed prior to template as its custom built into the cabinet rather than being attached to the countertop. Cabinetry must also be leveled and installed at the time of template. This will ensure that everything is cut to fit perfectly. If brackets are necessary


The approval process is where we have a bit of fun and let the creative juices flow. Our foreman will preemptively layout the templates onto your stone as he best sees fit. You will then inspect the material and layout. If there are certain areas on the stone you would like to avoid, we will work together with the sales rep and foreman to see how we can move certain pieces around.

This is where we will also verify for the last time all of the details of the order before we send your project into fabrication. We will finalize all information that pertains to sinks, edge, square footage and your final balance. We will not cut anything without the customers final approval.


Installation day, the day you've been waiting for. The most important thing to remember on the day of install is plumbing. You must have the plumbing disconnected prior to your scheduled appointment time to insure we can install your countertops.  The plumbing can be reconnected 24 hours after the installation is completed. This will ensure that all the glue has had time to dry and adhere.

Please be advised that we at Let's Get Stoned are not licensed to do any gas, plumbing, carpentry or electrical work. We have plumbers and carpenters we can recommend if needed. All supports required must be installed before the scheduled install day. Appliances should be in place and if there is a cooktop, it would need to be disconnected. Please don't forget about access to the jobsite and weather. Paths should be cleared of ice, snow, and debris prior to our arrival. Alternatively, if preparation of job site isn't complete this will likely push back install to the next available date and incur unnecessary fees. If there are questions or concerns, pushbacks, or other obstacles, please call us so we can help resolve these challenges and help provide the smoothest possible installation.

Inspect your countertops immediately following install and if there is anything to report please write it in the notes of the paperwork or call us so we can address in a timely manner. We are here for you long after your countertops are installed. Please refer to our stone maintenance guide for advice on upkeep and to keep your stone looking beautiful.


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