December 2021

What Is Manufactured Stone?

Natural stone is a beautiful, durable material that has a myriad of purposes inside and outside your home. It’s also expensive and heavy, which can be difficult for homeowners on a budget or whose homes can’t withstand the weight of natural stone. Manufactured stone was created as a solution to these problems — or at […]

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How To Keep Your Stone Kitchen Countertops Damage-Free

Natural stone countertops are a beautiful investment for your home, though they do require a little bit more maintenance than other surfaces. Although we’ve talked a little bit about caring for your stone before, it’s also important to know about the most common ways chips, scratches and stains occur in first place in order to really understand how to prevent

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Why Is Stone Porous?

Although stones seem really solid and sturdy, you might be surprised to know that when put under a microscope, most stones have tons of microscopic pores. This is because of the way stones are formed—whether it’s the slow compacting of tiny grains of organic matter or recrystallizing under intense heat and pressure, tiny gaps are left between

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