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What are the Benefits of Quartzite  Countertops: Montgomery County PA

When you start shopping for kitchen countertops in Montgomery County, PA, the assortment is amazing. What do you buy? Something beautiful? Something timeless and durable? These are all great questions and ones that you should measure as you shop around.

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One of the options you’ll see again and again is Quartzite. The popularity of using this stone for countertops is rising by leaps and bounds. There’s no question that quartzite looks impressive. That first visual impact makes you wonder if the product is too good to be true. In some cases yes, but not because of the product.

We at LGS have discovered some unscrupulous sellers who say a product is quartzite, but it is not. Looks can be very deceiving. For example, certain marbles are often labeled as quartzite. The truth-teller here is the stone’s inherent reliable characteristics. Since quartzite can carry a hefty price tag, it’s sound planning to have professionals on hand to make sure you get the real deal.

Quartzite vs. Sandstone

Sandstone is one of the products often labeled as quartzite. Since they both come from quartz, defining the differences visually proves daunting. The key is the texture of the stones that come with aging. If this were a chicken or egg scenario, sandstone would be primary. There is a point when sandstone becomes quartzite. When? There’s no easy answer.

When you’re dealing with stone surface product countertops in Montgomery County, PA, There is sandstone (porous), crystalline quartzite (it had a high melting point), and everything in between.

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Quartzite vs. Quartz

Quartz countertops are very different from quartz crystals sold in stores as trinkets. You might be surprised to know that quartz produced for the home is engineered out of ground stone, resin, and coloration. The result is a more consistent product that resists stains and scratches.

By comparison, Quartzite is a natural rock. It’s hard and strong, two of the benefits of quartzite countertops like those we offer at LGS in Montgomery County. The veining resembles marble with better abrasion resistance.

Decisions, Decisions

In asking what are the benefits of quartzite countertops in Montgomery County, PA, we have some great answers. For one, your countertop’s color will never fade. It also resists high temperatures, avoiding the marks left by pots put down without thinking. Then there’s stain resistance (for parents and grandparents, those crayons aren’t an issue). Clean-up is a breeze.

Quartzite Professional Installation, Montgomery County

The best DYI’er isn’t really prepared for the complexity of installing Quartzite. It requires skilled, experienced craftsmen, like our team at LGS, to make sure your countertop looks perfect. We opened in 2001 and carefully chose our designers, fabricators, and installers, all of whom take pride in the quality of work we produce.

Your questions matter. Most folk know little about natural stone products for their home, how to shop for them, and how the process moves forward from raw form to a finished countertop. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out. We have an online contact form, or you can call our office at 215-491-7814.

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