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Maximizing Style and Functionality for Small Spaces with Gray Kitchen Cabinets Montgomery County, PA

When you envision a kitchen, the color gray probably doesn’t come to mind. Why has gray become a popular color for kitchens, especially on cabinets? The answer, dear Watson, lies in psychology. 

Thoughts of Gray

Gray cabinets are neutral. They fit with nearly any style or setting. In color psychology, Grav evokes balance. It stands between cool and warm, black and white. While you might think of it as dull, gray can be a very soothing element, especially when you pair gray paint with blue kitchen cabinets in Montgomery County, PA.

Plus, gray is not one static color. You can tweak the hue to catch different color elements in your home. Think of gray as the “new” white.

Keepin’ it Clean

Everyone is busy, and the last thing you need is extra cleaning chores. While you might think otherwise, gray cabinets are among the easiest to keep clean. Gray doesn’t show dirt readily. And unlike dark colors, even scratches don’t show much. Think low-maintenance!

Maximizing Style and Functionality for Small Spaces with Gray Kitchen Cabinets Montgomery County.

Sometimes you have to give up space in one part of the home for another. It may happen in your kitchen. The good news is that gray cabinets create an open feeling in the space. Combine your choice with carefully considered hardware, and tada! Everything breathes. Better still, gray is not a color that goes out of style. Even if you change things a bit in your kitchen, the gray works just fine. 

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Color Flow

One thing that makes spaces feel smaller is when there are jarring changes in color. Gray offsets that. You’ll be able to coordinate your dining room, for example, without issue. It’s cohesive. From a Feng Shui standpoint, this improves the flow of positive energy. Combine gray cupboards with bold pop colors for a stunning visual impact. 

Tip: While you’re decorating and designing, try to find clever ways to create storage. Think vertical. Anything that draws your eyes upward creates a sense of expansion. Don’t fill in every nook and cranny. Empty space gives an airy look. 

If you’re looking for trim with dark gray cabinets, white and cream are excellent choices. They frame each door. For light gray, think pale green or blue. 

Metallics with Gray

If you want a more modern style, metallic against gray is the way to go (and not just silver). Copper, in particular, feels somehow sensuous. Oil-rubbed bronze has a similar effect but with old-world edges. Match that with a metallic backsplash!


Try to find a countertop that’s a light color close to the tone of your gray cabinets to create a cohesive look with a greater semblance of space.

Look to Professionals

Trying to visualize all these elements gets frustrating. One color looks the same as another. You can’t remember the last combination you liked. LGS in Montgomery County, PA, has two solutions for you. Try our online design tool to mix and match to your heart’s content. Or, contact us for unmatched customer service and experience. 

We look forward to bringing your vision into reality.

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