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Maintenance 101: Tips for Longevity and Care for Marble Countertops Montgomery County, PA

Marble is a classic material for countertops in both the kitchen and bathroom. It’s timeless, luxurious, and long-lasting. It might surprise you to discover that marble is often less costly than other natural stone options. 

Benefits of Marble Countertop

It’s amazing to realize the type of work that goes into making a stunning marble countertop. Because marble is slightly softer than granite, we can shape it with design elements like custom edging. 

Fabricated products have tried to imitate the uniqueness of marble with little success. The truth is that marble comes from dolomite or limestone, and the way it manifests makes every single piece wholly unique. Its veining creates distinctiveness. 

Marble resists scratching, breaking, and cracking. For chefs out there, marble stays cool (perfect for pastry!). It has heat resistance. Even so, we don’t recommend putting a hot pan on it directly. 

Perhaps most important to homeowners, marble has longevity. It has withstood tried-n-true tests over the years. When you have expert installation, you’ll enjoy decades of pleasure.

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Tips for Longevity and Care for Marble Countertops Montgomery County, PA

Marble countertops are an investment. Like any investment, you want it to survive a long time. The best way to preserve your marble countertop is by learning how to take good care of it. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult (there’s not even a quiz at the end!). 

In working with your marble surface, try to keep acidic substances away or clean them up quickly. Acid causes dullness, which would be a pity. There are a lot of foods in your kitchen right now that have an acidic leaning, including oranges, lemons, coffee, wine, and tomatoes. Using a cutting board is a proactive approach for safeguarding against these things. Bowls are as well. 

Keep this tip in mind when you buy cleaners. Don’t use bleach, vinegar, or any coarse scrubber on the marble. Plain old soap and water will do. Remember, the longer a substance remains on marble, the more likely it is to stain. 

So keep up with the wipe-off! And if you do find a little stain from oil, try water with just a little ammonia. Coffee and tea stains respond to hydrogen peroxide. Water spots? Try gentle steel wool buffing. 

Using a cutting board is a proactive approach. Bowls as well. And while we know marble is heat resistant, don’t take chances; use trivets and coasters. And you can also periodically reseal the marble surface. If water stops beading up on the marble surface, it’s time to reseal. 

Let LGS Help With Planning

When you buy natural stone, you want a company that knows about the varieties inside out and backward. We have a team of designers, installers, and fabricators, many of whom have been with us for two decades! Our corporate culture focuses on giving you the best customer service and craftsmanship. Give us a call at our Warrington, PA office at 215-792-3047.


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