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Looking for a Kitchen Designer in Bucks County, PA?

It would be grand for people to be able to design their kitchens without a hitch. “Kitchen designer bucks county” wouldn’t be a search query. That, of course, is not realistic. Even seasoned DIYers hesitate to tackle this challenge because there are so many moving parts, including:

And don’t forget matching hardware. Whew. It might be simpler to hire a pro and provide your vision.

Pre-Interview Tips

Before you actually hire a kitchen designer in Bucks County, PA. First and foremost, have a firm idea of what you want. SEE it in your mind’s eye, knowing you’ll have to explain it to someone else. Make notes on paint colors, cabinet and floor materials, and lighting. And, yes, write it down so you don’t miss details in your conversation.


When you meet with a designer, look at their portfolio. Are they creative? Does their styling aesthetic match yours? Are they willing to give you a conceptual design, and at what cost?

Certification and Qualification

Next, it’s time for paperwork. What are their credentials? A good kitchen designer has some construction experience and architectural training knowledge. Why? Well, let’s say you want a new refrigerator in your kitchen. The one you choose has a water dispenser. Nice, but there’s a hitch: it needs a water supply. The kitchen designer can help resolve that or find you a contractor (or a plumber) they trust who can accommodate the water pipe.

New Realities vs. Vision

Like any other industry, kitchen design constantly changes. New products become available. New, energy-efficient options exist. So at first, some of their suggestions may not quite fit your mold. Ultimately, the designer should listen to you, ask household questions, and always act professionally in their communication. At the end of the day, you are hiring them. You can set terms, but also heed good advice.


You would be surprised how many people don’t check referrals. They get a “feel” for someone and make a choice on personality alone. Don’t do this. Some of the best con artists can charm the sternest person.

When you make your calls inquire about the designer’s promptness in both design deadlines and handling issues as they arise.

Looking for a Kitchen Designer in Bucks County, PA? Use an Online Kitchen Designer!

If you are not a person who envisions things well, you can use Let’s Get Stoned’s Virtual Kitchen Designer for assistance.

When using the designer, you can change out elements of your kitchen until you find harmony. For example, some flooring you like may look terrible with your countertop choice. Try other combinations. Be open to ideas. What you thought you wanted can change dramatically during renovation.

Navigating the website isn’t terribly difficult. First, you find the kitchen you want or the one you have presently for updating. Pick door styles, cabinet finishes, paints, flooring, countertops, and hardware. It’s actually fun to play with a bit.

Let’s Get Stoned Kitchen Designer Bucks County

If you’re ready to look for a kitchen designer in Bucks County, PA, give us a call. We have a team of experts who will answer your questions and offer creative ideas. You can call to schedule an appointment at 215-491-7814, or fill out our contact form here.

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