Fixtures for Your Kitchen

How to Choose the Right Fixtures for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

You may be surprised to find how much fixtures can do for your kitchen and bathroom. They are like jewelry you add to an outfit. They accessorize the room and add the perfect finishing touches.

This article will review the various fixtures you can add to your kitchens and bathrooms to achieve the ideal interior design.

Knobs and Hooks

Cabinets and drawer knobs provide functionality and aesthetic appeal. When choosing knobs you must consider

  • Shape: Knobs can be round, or they can be handles that run vertically or horizontally. Rounded knobs go well with classic interiors. Horizontal knobs have a modern appeal. You must also consider how the knob will feel or function during the opening and closing process.
  • Metal/ Color: Knobs are usually metal. They are available in various metal colors, including silver, bronze, gold, etc. Choose a color that complements your bathroom fixtures. You may also install knobs that are painted or have other features that match your interior.
  • Other Features: Knobs may offer additional features. Some are animal-shaped, and some are bejeweled. There are no limits on the styles you choose to incorporate.

Hooks are another handy bathroom accessory. Use them to hang towels, bathrobes, and more. Discreetly place them behind doors or hand them in various convenient locations. They will keep your bathrooms and kitchens clutter-free.

Fixtures for Your Kitchen 2


Several types of organizers make your bathroom and kitchen items easy to find and keep your rooms neat. They include:

  • Shelf Support Brackets: Shelf support brackets help you hang shelves that organize items. They can hold beauty items in the bathroom and food items in the kitchen.
  • Cleaning Supply Caddy: A cleaning supply caddie makes cleaning supplies easy to find. You can take the caddy with you while cleaning the home to simplify the process.
  • Wine Bottle Organizer: Wine bottle organizers help you select the best wines with ease. They will add a touch of class to your kitchen.

Task Lighting and Power

Task lighting is helpful in any kitchen and bathroom. It will provide illumination when you prepare food so you can see what you are doing. It will focus light on you when you get ready for your day or bedtime.

These items include puck lights, tape lights, angled fixtures, dimmable power supplies, etc. Choose the ones that are best suited to your room.


Vanities are ideal for storing bathroom items. You can choose a hanging vanity mirror/storage combo or a floor vanity that goes under the sink. Which is right for your bathroom design? 

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