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How to Choose Perfect Kitchen Cabinets Montgomery County, PA

When you walk into a kitchen what are the first features you see? Typically appliances and cabinets. Cabinet design brings harmony to your kitchen. It acts as the backdrop to your activities. A kitchen cabinet in Montgomery County, PA, should reflect your aesthetic. 

Kitchen Cabinets, Montgomery County, PA: Evergreen Ideas

At LGS we recognize how important it is for you to spend your decorating budget wisely. You want a timeless appeal and long-lasting media since you won’t be redoing them any time soon. So, don’t get caught up in a trend. Look at ideas that are timeless like

  • Color blocking
  • Contrasting Hardware
  • Creative Lighting Solutions
  • Integrated Appliances
  • European Styling
  • Moldings (for a finished look)
  • Natural Wood
  • Open Shelving
  • Shaker Cabinets
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Choose the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

As you are looking at cabinetry, there are four items for you to consider. First, the material reflects a sizeable part of the overall cost factors. There’s particleboard, fiberboard, plywood, laminate, and solid wood. Besides price, the material you chose changes the appearance of your kitchen greatly. The DYIer can get ready to assemble cabinets, too, but there’s a lot of work involved. 

Second, there are styles, as discussed earlier. You may want a frameless piece, keeping things minimalist. You can pick unique hardware that sets a distinct tone. TIP: if you cannot afford a full kitchen makeover, hardware is a way of customizing things and modernizing a bit.

Third, what about maintenance? A flat-style cupboard face is easier to clean than one with vertical grooves, for example. Painted cabinets show fingerprints all the time, particularly if it’s matte. Chips and scratches on painted surfaces prove tricky to repair. Meanwhile, hickory and oak hid dirt and hold up nearly forever. These woods also stay “evergreen” in terms of decorating trends. 

Fourth is probably the most significant in terms of choosing your kitchen cabinets: price. It’s not just the price of the cabinets themselves but also installation costs. Frameless cabinets take longer to install, so the overall expense goes up. This is where talking to a professional firm like LGS can clarify many questions.

Let LGS Help You Figure Out How to Choose Perfect Kitchen Cabinets.

LGS has been a go-to company when you want not just renovation, but vision. We have a vast variety of choices for you, and trained personnel who can answer all your questions. Our goal is making sure you understand your options before buying, and how they will look once installed. For example, if you’re thinking hard wood, have you pondered the type of wood, grain, and color? 

We also provide an online kitchen designer so you can play around with combinations from the comfort of your home. By using this tool, you may come across solutions you hadn’t considered before.

We have expert designers, fabricators, and installers you can trust for high quality craftsmanship. You will be part of your project every step of the way. Get in touch via our contact form, or by calling 215-491-7814.

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