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Exclusive Kitchen Countertops in Bucks County PA

If you love your kitchen, there are exclusive countertops in Bucks County, PA. LGS sources exotic materials. If you’re interested in a specific type of countertop media, we will work with our suppliers to round out your project perfectly. Sounds easy, right?

Types of Countertop

When you start looking, you will be wholly amazed (and a tad overwhelmed) at what you can potentially make into a countertop, including:

  • Bamboo: can stain and scorch. Warm feel.
  • Butcher’s Block: stains and scratches can attract germs if not fixed. Variety of woods and colors.
  • Limestone: doesn’t resist staining or nicking. Resists heat.
  • Onyx: Longevity and looks great. Needs special stone sealer and cleaner
  • Recycled Glass: can chip and stain, but is heat and scratch resistant
  • Semi-precious Stone: High cost; incredible beauty
  • Soapstone: may nick, chip, and stain. Stunning visual appeal.
  • Stainless Steel: Solid quality; doesn’t stain, can dent, noisy
  • Tile: Variety of options; stain susceptible (and bacteria)
  • Travertine: luxurious, less expensive than other stones. Acid reactive.

When you want something wholly unique, LGS is your go-to company. We want to bring your vision to life.

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Wants, Needs; Pros, Cons

Each option of kitchen countertop in Bucks County, PA, has a different appeal. You need to figure out what exclusive material best fits your lifestyle. Sometimes what we want doesn’t always fall in line with what we need and what’s sensible. For example, if you have children who LOVE to draw, you want a countertop material that washes up easily and resists staining.

As you review your options, keep these seven specific things in mind:

  1. Affordability: Set your budget and stick with it (within a little wiggle room)
  2. Resilience: A countertop is an investment. You want it to hold up over time.
  3. Maintenance: Does the surface need any special treatments to remain in the best possible condition?
  4. Engineered or natural? Some people prefer manmade material. Others like the connection to the great outdoors they get from natural materials.
  5. Heat resistance: If you place a hot pan on certain surfaces, you will hear a heart-wrenching crack. Or the surface scorches. Know the ins and outs of safeguarding the surface.
  6. Scratch repair: Many surfaces resist scratching, but inevitably you will get some if you don’t use a cutting board. Ask if those scratches can be repaired.
  7. When do you need it? Special orders can take weeks, even months, to get material into the warehouse.

LGS Popular Options

There are exclusive countertop materials that customers praise repeatedly First is Granite, which is sustainably sourced. Our technicians hand-cut your countertop to perfection. It’s highly durable, heat resistant, and unique.

Marble offers numerous elegant colors.  Due to the possibility of cracking. Each piece is slightly different in density. As a result, LGS tests the product before it reaches your home.

Quartzite has the beauty of natural stone without some of the issues natural stone has naturally. It is more durable than marble.

For our customers in Buck’s County, PA, and beyond Quartz, these countertops are a blend of concrete, quartz, and granite pressed together. Nonporous, anti-bacterial.

Last but not least comes Porcelain. This is a durable material with low maintenance. Less expensive than many natural stone.


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