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Elevate Your Home: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Designer in Montgomery County

A kitchen remodel can significantly increase the value of your home. It can make your kitchen easier to work in and improve your home environment. However, you must find a kitchen designer who shares your vision to achieve your goals. This article will explain what to look for in a kitchen designer in Montgomery County and how Let’s Get Stoned will help you achieve the ultimate layout.

What to Look for in a Kitchen Designer in Montgomery County


The first step of your search involves research. Go online to find a designer in your area. Look at customer reviews. Find out about their pricing and process. Look at the products they carry. Your research will help you narrow your search to a few top designers.

Request a Quote

Contact your top designers to request a quote. Most will set up a time when they can visit your home, review the project, and come up with an estimate. 

During the visit, you can get to know the designer. You can determine if they share your vision and learn more about their process.

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Find Out About Customization

Customization is a critical factor in your kitchen design. It ensures your remodel will be completed to your specifications. It will provide your kitchen with a unique aesthetic.

Avoid contractors that take a cookie-cutter approach. Use a designer that will become familiar with your kitchen and help you achieve your remodeling goals.


Find out when the designer can start work and how soon they can complete it. Inquire about how they handle unexpected challenges and how that affects the timeline. Determine when they will work to ensure they will meet your scheduling needs.

Weigh Your Factors

Once you have all the required information, you can pick a designer based on their pricing, timeline, process, customer reviews, and general attitude. Go with your gut to choose someone you trust to get the job done to your liking.

Let’s Get Stoned is a Trusted Kitchen Designer in Bucks County

You can spend hours, days, or months trying to find the perfect kitchen designer in Montgomery County. Or you can make it easy on yourself by contacting Let’s Get Stone first.

For countertops, our four-step process ensures clients will be happy with our work.

  • Fabrication: Our craftspeople cut and polish your stone to ensure it fits perfectly in your home.
  • Templating: We create a template sized to fit your design measurements.
  • Customization: After completing templating, customers return to the yard to choose which section they would like for their counter.
  • Installation: Our crew comes to install the slab carefully.

We also provide tile, sinks, hardware, and cabinetry. Clients can use our visual kitchen designer to see how our countertops, backsplash, cabinets, and flooring will look in their homes. We will work with your plans to help you achieve a kitchen design you love.  

Let’s Get Ston’d offers a comprehensive service that ensures every detail of your kitchen design suits your vision. We are your go-to for all your remodeling needs. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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