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Choosing the Right Bathroom Tiles Montgomery County: Factors to Consider for a Stylish and Functional Space

Choosing the right bathroom tiles Montgomery County for a stylish and functional space sounds easy, but it’s not. It is not simply about picking out tiles you can trust but also finding an installer like LGS who understands the adhesives, matting, waterproofing, and other details, ensuring the tiles last a long time. If you were to try and do the work yourself, it would (on average) take three times as long as a professional. Properly installed bathroom tiles can improve your home’s value.

Tickled by Tile?

While the devil is in the details, there are some fun moments in bathroom remodeling. This is a small room. So you have the chance to try something whimsical. 

  • Be bold in your tile choice
  • Express yourself. Find tile that reflects your personal “brand.”
  • Think about trends
  • Opulent or stark?
  • Panache? Swagger? Cosmopolitan? What ambiance do you want to create?

Of course, your bathroom tile doesn’t exist in a void. Think about how your choice pairs with your sink, for example. 

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Tile Functionality

When you’re shopping remember that different types of tile have specific functions. You don’t want glossy wall tile on your floor. That’s a recipe for slips and falls. 

The most common types of bathroom tile are stone, ceramic, marble, glass, and porcelain. If you like porcelain or glass bathroom tiles in Montgomery County, make sure they are rated for floors. A company like LGS can review your options with you. Ceramic is perhaps the most versatile, coming in numerous patterns and “textures.”

Those who like porcelain will quickly discover it comes with a higher price tag. It remains popular because it resists water staining. Wait! There are more options.

Bathroom tiles come in stone too. Limestone, marble, granite, and slate. Stone requires a little more maintenance than ceramic, but with decent sealing, it looks sleek. Stone has depth and patterns that don’t repeat, giving you uniqueness. 

Feature Tiles

No one ever said you had to stick to one type of kitchen tiles in Mongomery County. For example, if one type of tile is just a bit “much,” but you love it, think about it as a feature or accent. The way you pattern the tile matters too. By way of illustration diagonal designs makes the room feel larger. Tiles with matte finishes offer a softer look. Play around until you find the ideal combination.

LGS Services

Installing tiles is a work-intensive job. You can go DYI, however, there are no guarantees with your work protecting you against mistakes or tile imperfections. LGS has a team of designers and installers that focus on finding tiles that make you happy, then putting them into place for longevity. Superior craftsmanship and customer service are part of our company’s culture.

There is no rushing. We want to educate you on the best options you have available. When it comes to household renovations, being an informed consumer is powerful. Give us a call at 

215-792-3047 to open dialogue about your vision for bathroom tiles. You can also use our online form to get the ball rolling.

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