quartz kitchen countertops montgomery county pa

Affordable Quartz Kitchen Countertops: Montgomery County, PA

When you enter a kitchen, the countertop is prime real estate. It’s among the first eye-catching things you see. So, when you are ready to upgrade your countertop, you want to choose something that really meshes with your home, and that isn’t overly work-intensive to maintain. The answer is quartz. Quartz kitchen countertops Montgomery County PA.

Quartz: A Closer Look

If you enjoy the way granite looks, take a peek at Quartz. Because it’s an engineered stone, you will have far more color choices vs. natural stone. Better still, they capture natural light and are easily maintained. 

You’ve probably seen quartz crystals and clusters here and there, but it doesn’t grow in slabs like other stones. So, for a countertop, the quartz must be crushed and mixed with resin. When ground coarsely, the countertop will look a bit flecked. Finely ground quartz produces an even look. 

Quartz is:

  • Nonporous
  • Food safe
  • Durable
  • Stain and grease-resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Anit-Macrobial 

Quartz Drawbacks

  • UV sensitivity may cause fading
  • It can and does burn if you do not protect it from, say, a pan right off the stove.
  • Slightly more costly than granite
  • Not immune to scuffs and scratches

Typically, in order to maintain the 10-year (average) warrantee on your countertop, you must get help from a professional installer like LGS. This is also true of granite kitchen countertops in Montgomery, PA, so we are happy to show you those options as well. 

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Choosing Affordable Quartz Kitchen Countertops, Montgomery, PA

The goal of our professional team at LGS is to make sure your countertop matches the vision you have for your kitchen and home. It’s our job to show you as many options as possible and help you narrow the field. We have a special Instagram site where you can look at live inventory anytime. 

Let’s face it, not everyone is an expert on stone surfaces. It’s easy to pick something that really doesn’t suit your situation. Prices vary widely, and because of Quart’s popularity, you might, at first, experience sticker shock. LGS endeavors to offset that by offering you specialized colors reflecting current trends. 

One of the reasons we suggest Quartz is the cleanup is a snap. Just soap and water, and it’s done! If you’ve got a busy household, you won’t have to take much time for maintenance.

Reliable Installation

The longevity of your beautiful new countertop depends heavily on it being installed properly. You want experienced craftspeople who provide prompt service and quality workmanship, like LGS. We even have the capability of individualizing your order, so you have something wholly unique. Guests and family alike will surely notice!

If you would like to learn more about quartz kitchen countertops or any other stone surface product for your home, please reach out to us. You can open the discussion via our online form or schedule an appointment. Then too, there’s something to be said for in-person viewing. Pictures online cannot wholly display the esthetic elegance of quartz. Our number is 215-491-7814.

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