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5 Essential Uses for Stones For Your Home

There’s a reason mankind has relied on stone as a building and decorative material for centuries. Not only is it incredibly beautiful, it’s also sturdy enough to last for centuries — see the gorgeous Taj Mahal, the Roman Colosseum, and the Great Pyramids of Egypt. While it’s unlikely you’ll be tearing down your walls and installing marble pillars, there are tons of great ways to incorporate stones into the interior and exterior of your house. Below, we’ve listed 5 essential uses for stones you need to consider during your next home renovation project.

1. Countertops

A solid stone countertop can handle just about any project you have going on in the kitchen. Harder stones like granite can withstand hot pans, spills, and scratches, while a cool marble slab is a must-have for the avid baker. Some stones may require periodic sealing to stay in tip-top condition, but many stones now come with a factory-applied sealant that is guaranteed to prevent stains for the life of the countertop. This is particularly important for more porous stones like marble, which will stain easily if the sealant isn’t maintained.

Your bathroom vanity is also a great place to consider installing a gorgeous slab of natural stone, as it is resistant to water damage and can withstand heat and humidity without warping, cracking, or discoloring. It’s also a good place to start incorporating stone into your home, since a vanity top is often smaller than a kitchen countertop and, depending on the stone you choose, could be a smaller financial investment.

2. Wall Tile

Kitchen backsplashes are perfect for stone because of how well they resist water, steam, and staining. With just a little soap and water on a soft cloth, you can wipe away everything from your Sunday marinara sauce to fryer grease. Your bathroom and shower are also ideal places for wall tile because it won’t warp or peel due to the heat or humidity, and as long as it’s been properly sealed, it will be easy to clean away any mold and mildew that form.

3. Floor Tiles

Wear and tear is a huge issue with most flooring materials, especially wood. As long as you pick a harder stone tile like granite or slate, you’ll have no such problems because the material is strong enough to withstand even the heaviest traffic. You may also be surprised to know just how much variety is offered in stone tile. From fun, multi-hued mosaics to stones that mimic the look of wood, there’s a floor tile out there that will fit the style of every room in your house.

4. Accents

The natural beauty of stone makes it the perfect accent piece for nearly every room in your house. Consider a beautiful mural of mosaics in your entryway or a stunning onyx fireplace in the family room. A granite or marble bar top can also add a major luxe factor when entertaining, and decorative accent tiles in your kitchen or bathroom can add that personal little touch that truly makes the room.

5. Outside Use

Finally, what better way to use stone than outside your home? Also called hardscaping, the natural durability of stone is perfect for creating pathways, planters, and other outdoor accents. Pavers and flagstones are available in tons of colors, shapes, and sizes, which can create outdoor paths that look rugged and well-trod or stately and clean, while cobbles can give a homey, traditional feel to your yard. To create the look of stacked stone planters without the intense labor, consider ledger panels. These are small, often rectangular pieces of natural stone affixed to a backing that installs just like sheets of tile. Not into DIY? Your local home improvement or stone supply store will likely have someone who can install the ledger panels (and any other interior or exterior stonework) for you.

There’s a way to incorporate stone in pretty much every room and your house, and the effect is always magnificent. Because no two pieces of natural stone are alike, your new countertop or mosaic masterpiece will be your own unique work of art. Got a question about using stone in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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